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Alive After Reading

Dec 15, 2019

This week, Bruce Solheim rejoins the podcast to talk about his all-ages comic book, "Snarc!"

Check out Snark here.

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Dec 8, 2019

This week, Edward Willett joins the podcast to talk about his latest books and his Worldshapers podcast.

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Dec 1, 2019

This week Tim is joined by James Silverstein, author of Necropolis and its sequel, The Case of the Scarlet Starlet.

We have a good meandering conversation.

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Don't forget to check out Tim's books on, including the most recent release, Demon...

Nov 24, 2019

This week Isa McLaren joins the podcast to discuss her fiction. Check out Isa's work here.

Tim's works are still available on Keep your eye out for Shadow Prince, the sequel to Demon Scroll, available soon!

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Nov 17, 2019

This week, J Daniel Sawyer returns the podcast! Click that name to check out his website.

Dan is a great talker, writer, podcaster, and full of all kinds of knowledge. Check out his podcast, The Every Day Novelist and send him some questions to keep that show rolling. This podcast is a favorite of Tim's, so if you're...